Dedicated to glass and aluminum fabrication, we provide integral solutions with state of the art technology for Mexico and abroad. We specialize in the development of glass and aluminum engineering and design for the most ambitious architectural and industrial projects. Our engineers and architects are fully commitment to satisfying the customer’s needs, through innovation and the highest quality in each project. With more than 80 years in the market, we specialize on engineering, designing and the supply of glass and aluminum in architectural projects. We concentrate all glass processing in our plant. We cut, rough down, temper, insulate, laminate, paint and do serigraph.

We are able to do all the glass processing, which gives us a great competitive advantage and a whole control of a project. Let´s not leave out the technical assistance we provide, which brings an added value to the work we do.

Productive Capacity

Tempered glass

5000 square metres per day

Insulated glass

3,000 square metres per day                                                                                       

Laminated glass

1,400 square metres per day

Silk screen printed glass

1,500  square metres per day

Rough down

9,000 linear metres of glass per day


6,000 square metres per day

We specialize on aluminum extrusion for the construction industry and interior desing 

The products, that we use, are made and scrutinized with the best manufacturing tools, complying with the specifications established in the Aluminum Association Norm AA-2009.

We offer painting and finish state of the art technology, in order to meet the needs of the market, nowadays .

Regarding aluminum, we follow regulations like the NMX 138SCF12004 and QUALICOAT for anodized aluminum


Federal Departament
corporativo montes Urales 350


Glass and Aluminum. Where other people see common construction materials, we see huge possibilities as well as solutions to big challenges. Whereas glass and aluminum are the raw materials we use, they are our source of inspiration.

We can proudly say, that we have the support of the biggest and most important glass manufacturers in the world. 

serigrafía en diferentes colores


Our facades are made with the
most advanced technology and equipment, in order to create the huge facades
that architectural projects require today. For this, elements like the weather,
location, sunlight, function and design, are evaluated. On these foundations, structural
analysis are made to create the design of aluminum framing, as well as the performance
required by the glass in what concerns, resistance, weather and orientation.

Depending on the needs of each
project, we can make different kinds of facades:


  •    Modular facades      
  • Iron fittings fastening System
  • Curtain Wall


In TV GLASS, we offer different solutions, in accordance with specific needs of a project, being efficient and keeping the esthetic quality.


Sound Proofing

It allows the placement of Safeglas (our glass brand), which is great at sound proofing and blocking 99% of U.V. rays.        

Resistance to strong winds

This kind of glass is highly re-enforced to protect the construction from hurricanes. This property enhances according to the glass used.


Perimetral gaskets which prevent the air and dust getting through. Valves, windbreaks and strainers which allow the elimination of water in the rails and frames, avoiding humidity in hollow spaces.

Green Line

Sunglas (our glass brand) can help the environment, reducing pollutant emissions like carbon dioxide, prevent solar heat to the interior or loss of solar heat to the exterior and vice versa, obtaining a huge save of energy from the air conditioning.