Tecnocolor & Satincolor

Paint or Lacquer

•  Innovative product.

•  Wide range of colors.

•  Unique product.


•  Yellow Fervor / Purple / White / Gray Wet / Black / Green Lemon / Orange Fire / Blue Chi on / Chocolate / Fuchsia / Ivory / Beige Tahoe / Red / Blue Sapphire

Special Colors:

•  Color approximation is possible for projects greater than or equal to 3,100 square inches.

When doing color approximation, it is extremely important to specify square inches of each project to avoid any variation in color tones.

•  Is not a good diffusor of light.

•  Can be used for table and countertops, kitchens, partitions / dividers and for interiors.


A process in which you apply paint to one of the surfaces of the glass choosing from a wide selection of colors and designs in order to match client’s requirements.

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