Tecnodecor & Satindecor


•  Helps reduce light and heat.

•  Wide array of colors.

•  The paint does not stain or chip off.

•  Excellent aesthetics.


•  This product must be tempered (FT) to guarantee the adherence of the paint. Special designs must be pre-ordered so the screen can be made.

•  Larger sizes must be approved by the Technical Group.

•  SPECIAL TECNODECOR / SATINDECOR: Slip resistant – please ask for screen frame catalogue.

•  Store displays

•  Roofs

•  Railings

•  Furniture

•  Facades

•  Doors

•  Panoramic elevators


Consists in applying ceramic frit paint to one face of the sheet of glass, once this process is completed the sheet of glass is immediately tempered so that the ceramic paint adheres to the glass guaranteeing absolute adherence to it.

There are two methods of application:

Roller: Paint is applied by means of a roller in order to cover 100% of the surface of the glass.

Screen Frame: a mesh design is placed on the surface of the glass and paint is forced through the openings by a blade or squeegee.
Available Colors: Black, White and Opaque

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