Insulated Glass

•  Helps reduce temperatures in very hot regions.

•  Prevents loss of heat when temperature outside is cold.

•  When combined with coated glass, increase their temperature and acoustic e ciencies.

•  It is possible to use heat-strengthened (HS) and tempered (FT) glass in a variety of thicknesses and combinations.

•  Reduces electrical consumption either due to heating or cooling of inside areas.

•  Helps in achieving points for the LEED certi cations (please consult with Technical Group).


•  Insulated Glass – 2 sheets of monolithic glass.

•  Laminated with Monolithic Glass – 1 set of Laminated Glass and a Monolithic Glass.

•  Double Laminated Glass – 2 sets of Laminated Glass.

•  Double Insulated Glass – 3 Sheets of Monolithic Glass.

The performance of an IG unit can be further enhanced by lling the space between the lites with a noble gas such as argon.

•  Buildings

•  Roofs when combined with safety glass.

•  Windows

•  Refrigeration equipment


Consists of two or more glass window panes sealed by a vacuum and separated by an aluminum or plastic spacer, the spacers are lled with desiccant to remove moisture, nally the units are double sealed on the edge side using a silicone sealant.

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