Building envelopes that provide protection against the weather and create comfortable environments. They are intrinsic elements of our civilization and are part of the urban landscape.

Our frontage systems are developed with the most advanced technology and equipment to create the large-scale fronts required by today’s architectural projects.

Depending on the needs of each project, we handle different types of frontage:

  • Modular frontage
  • Punctual system
  • Suspended frontage

At Grupo Tecnovidrio we offer different solutions, according to the particular requirements of each project, ensuring its efficiency and aesthetics.

The modular frontage or the “curtain wall” is a practical, aesthetic and functional solution. Its main characteristic is that we can prefabricate the modules in our workshop, thus ensuring quality, functionality and speed in assembly, thus facilitating an agile installation on site.

Considerations and factors in the choice of the frontage


It is essential to determine the orientation of the facade with respect to the position of the sun: if the building is located on an avenue, near an airport or concert hall.

Resource Optimization

Reduce the waste of raw material by taking care of the excessive use of modules per frontage, avoiding more verticals that have an impact on the total linear meters of aluminium, this translates into a competitive price for the project.

Visual considerations

Design of the frontage, color, dimensions, etc.

Solar Contribution

UV rays, infrared rays, heat and transparency of glass.


Whatever the material used, the risk of water seepage is a constant.


It is about avoiding or isolating


An adequate anchorage allows the connection between the elements to be flexible.